Sunday, February 28, 2010

81 - Tomb Kings Skellies

Day 8, miniature 7. Two skeletal spearmen for a Tomb Kings army (who will count as 1 miniature for the project). You all better get used to seeing skeletons on this blog because whenever I find myself falling behind on this 365 miniatures in 365 days project, I will resort to painting up skeletons. Not only are they extremely easy to paint but also extremely easy to make look decent with some ink washes and minor highlights. I got bogged down with the Clanrat so I broke the emergency glass and quickly painted up these two skellies. I thought the Clanrat would be easy but it turns out the new plastic miniatures GW have been putting out as of late are pretty finely detailed, even on the rank and file models. This is both a good and bad thing. Good in the sense that finely detailed models are always preferable to shapeless blobs of plastic; but bad in the sense that the notion of having to paint up 100 Clanrats and Skavenslaves is enough to make one run for the hills.

Do not fear, however, faithful blog followers! The 365 miniatures in 365 days projects is still on track! The Clanrat is almost finished; I only have one or two more basecoats to go and then an ink wash, some highlighting, a decorative base, and he'll be ready to go. That'll give me 8 miniatures in 8 days - bang on target. At some point, I'd like to start painting up more special characters rather than continue focusing on Troop/ Core choices, but for the moment, my painting acuity is still not quite at that speed.

Oh, by the way, I'm going to have to add a 7th rule to this project - I won't require myself to completely paint a miniature in a 24 hour period in order for it to count. In other words, I'll allow myself to start miniatures and then put them down to be finished another day. That way, I may actually get some more elaborate models done after a year. Still, the prime directive stays the same - after 365 days, I must have 365 painted miniatures.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a week's worth of figs: Only 51 more weeks to go! Out of curiousity, do all of these models have an accompanying army that they call home? Or do you simply collect and paint what catches your eye?

Paul Wu said...

@ Jonathan:

Thanks for the kind words! I mostly paint what catches my eye with a wishful hope of one day being able to collect all of the armies I find appealing. (Of course, the cost of doing that would be prohibitive and would probably result in many long nights sleeping on the couch at the wife's insistence!)

The only 3 armies I've made any headway in terms of nearly completing (collecting-wise, not painting-wise) are my Blood Ravens, Snakebite Orks, and Cadian 265th. All of the other models I occasionally paint and post up on the blog are usually all I've collected thus far of that particular army.

tQstudios said...

This seems to be a good amendment. I've just caught up on your plan and sometimes I just HAVE to put a figure down. This seems to be a move to protect your sanity!

Good luck with such an ambitious plan! I look forward to seeing more completed pics.

Paul Wu said...

@ tQstudios:

Thanks for the words of encouragement! Hopefully, I won't amend myself completely out of this project, but honestly, the last thing I want is for this to start feeling like a job. Yes, part of me is doing this out of the guilt I have over having so many unpainted miniatures, but the real reason for doing this project is to have fun with this hobby.

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