Friday, March 5, 2010

85 - Blood Ravens Tactical Squad Fortis Meltagunner

Day 13, miniature 11; still 2 miniatures behind. Hmm, I sense more skeletons in the very near future. No, just kidding.

Say hello to the meltagunner of Tactical Squad Fortis of the Blood, apparently, I haven't considered which company my Blood Ravens are a part of. I'll have to do some research into this. I know they can't be the 1st Company as that's usually the all Terminator veteran company in a standard Astartes force organization chart. They can't be the 2nd Company because they already have a published history (Dawn of War 2). They can't be the 5th Company because according to Blood Ravens fluff, that's the "Fated Fifth," a company that returned from the warp somehow...tainted. They can't be the 10th Company because that's the all Scout company. So that leaves 3rd, 4th, and Sixth to Ninth Companies. Anyone know if according to the Codex Astartes, those remaining companies have any prescribed specialities? In other words, are any of them primarily mechanized companies or jump assault companies or drop pod companies, etc.?

Well, there's really nothing all that special with this particular model. He's the 14th Blood Raven I've painted up, so it's getting rather mechanical painting these guys. At some point I'm going to either buy some blank water transfer paper or learn how to free-hand the Blood Ravens chapter logo onto their shoulder pads though.

Okay, so what's next? I've got a converted Gunnery Sergeant Harker I'd really like to paint but considering that I'm already 2 miniatures behind, I'm probably better off focusing on painting up more rank and file troops. I've still got about 30 more Cadian Shock Troopers to do so I just might go that route and try to pull back to even in my miniature count. But I've also got some converted Ork Kommandos that have calling to me from their place on the shelf. Hmm, well, we'll see.


Anonymous said...

I vote more skellies just to get you back on track! Seriously, tho, wouldn't it be cool to have a full regiment block of skellies for your Vampire Counts army staring at you?

Tristan said...

Pick 3rd or 4th, anything above 6 is a reserve company (all tactical, all assault or all devastator). 3rd company colour is red, 4th is green.

Paul Wu said...

@ Jonathan:

Don't tempt me! I would hate for this project to turn into 365 skeletons in 365 days lol! We'll see though. I have a Cadian Shock Trooper for my 3rd Squad primed and ready to go. I'm pretty fast with Cadians too, so I might go in that direction instead of more skellies.

@ Tristan:

Ahh, thanks for the information. That's very helpful to know. Okay, 3rd of 4th it is.

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