Saturday, January 22, 2011

96 - Blood Ravens Scout Snipers

I told you I had quite a backlog of painted miniatures. In this post, I give you 2 Scout Snipers. I had originally painted up a single standard Scout about a year ago, but after getting my hands on the Sniper Scout bits, I decided to go with a full 5 man Sniper Team for my Scouts. I debated whether to turn one of them into a Heavy Bolter support guy, but I liked the look of the Sniper Scouts so much I decided to go 100% sniper rifles.

The Scout depicted to the left has some minor conversion. His legs are from one of the Scouts mounted on the Land Speeder Storm kit. I added a bit of cork under his right leg to give the impression he's just emerged from a sniper's nest hidden amongst rocky ground. His cloak is also from another kit - some Warhammer Fantasy Battle kit that I can't quite remember right now. It's hard to see with the angle of the photograph but the fact that it doesn't cover his shoulder pads should tell you it's not from the original Scout Sniper kit.

The Scout to the right is pretty much standard Sniper Scout parts.

Alright, up next should be the remainder of the Blood Ravens miniatures I painted up during my hiatus - mostly Tactical Squad Marines. I managed to complete both of my 10 man Tactical Squads during the hiatus.


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