Wednesday, May 6, 2009

11 - Tomb Kings Skeleton Warrior

I think skeleton miniatures were created for the express purpose of stroking egos. Not only was this figure incredibly quick to paint but the results were better than expected. He could use with some more highlights, but that's a skill I'm still attempting to learn and master.

There really was nothing difficult about painting up this skeleton warrior miniature. I used an ivory color to basecoat the bone and then washed it with Devlan Mud. I didn't have a turquoise colored paint in my collection, so I just went true blue for the breastplate, helmet, and shield, and since I abhor true metallics (or at least the cheapy craft paint metallics I own), I opted for a non-metallic antique gold for the studs and embellishments.

I must say, in the photo, the base looks a little strange. Almost like a mound of sawdust or something, but in reality, the base is made from sand, colored pebbles, and bits of dried moss. I'm beginning to think in this case, less might have been more, and I probably added a bit too much to the base.

In closing, I highly recommend painting skeletons for the novice miniature figure painter. They're easy and the results, with just a little bit of brush control and use of washes/ inks for shading, give the illusion of a higher skill level.

Click here for more pics.


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