Sunday, May 24, 2009

16 - Imperial Guard Veterans Squad Meltagun Operator

I initially planned on having Specialist Condan wield the grenade launcher for my Veterans Squad, but after some deliberation (plus, more importantly, the arrival of some special weapons bits I purchased), I decided to give him a harder hitting weapon - a meltagun. It took a little converting though to put the meltagun in Condan's burly hands. First, I cut the grenade launcher that was originally attached to his right hand. Then I trimmed off the grip of the meltagun and glued the meltagun onto Condan's now weaponless right hand. Finally, I detached the stock of the meltagun in order to make the weapon fit snugly under his right arm. Nothing all that complicated, but it is interesting how this one hobby challenges you simultaneously in so many different ways. Obviously, the primary challenge (for me, at least) is mastering the painting process. However, learning how to convert figures in ever more complex ways is also an integral challenge of this hobby (and one I oftentimes find even more enjoyable than painting). And finally, activities like basing, building dioramas, scratch-building vehicles and buildings, sculpting bits and even whole models with greenstuff/ putty/ epoxy contribute to the depth of this hobby in a whole host of ways. Finally, throw in the wargaming aspect (if you are so inclined to participate in that aspect of the hobby), and you have a truly multifaceted craft to sink your teeth into.

Personally, I think Specialist Condan's paintjob has been the cleanest and smoothest I've produced thus far. My brush control has really improved by leaps and bounds since I first picked up this hobby. To anyone who has just picked up the painting of miniature models, do not be discouraged by your first attempts at the hobby. When I first started painting these models, I literally could not keep my paint from smudging and wandering and dotting everywhere except where I wanted them on the miniature. Brush control is muscle control and the more you paint, the more brush control you will inevitably develop.

So, my Veterans Squad is up to 5. I have 2 Veterans primed and ready to go (1 vox-caster operator and 1 carrying the demolition charge), 2 spots reserved for a Heavy Weapon Team, and a final spot probably going to another Veteran carrying a special weapon (plasma gun or heavy flamer, maybe?). Still, I don't want to burn myself out on Cadian Guardsmen, so I think I'm going to head back to my Blood Ravens Space Marines for a little bit and try to get a few of them painted up next.

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