Saturday, July 11, 2009

29 - Tomb Kings Skeleton Warriors

The frantic painting continues! Painting skeletons is almost like doing warm-ups before entering the big game. They're easy to do yet have enough textures and conversion possibilities to keep them interesting. What we have here are 2 more Tomb Kings skeleton warriors to join the spear-wielding skeleton warrior I painted earlier. These two are carrying hand weapons and shields. The one on the right (with the ram's head) actually has the legs of a Vampire Counts skeleton. While the fit wasn't perfect at first, with a little trimming, the two skeleton bits from the different kits came together seamlessly, I think.

And what of the Chaos Space Marine I mentioned in my post just before this one? He's practically done. I just need to snap some pictures and maybe throw on some more highlights before posting him.

At some point, I'm going to crash and burn from painting miniatures at such a rapid pace. But considering how much of a back-log I have, I guess it's a risk worth taking. What's next (other than the Chaos Space Marine)? Who knows? I've got some Blood Ravens stuck to my painting dowels with poster tack. Maybe they're next?

For more pics, click here.


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