Monday, July 13, 2009

31 - First Ever Poll!

When I started this blog, it was primarily to keep myself motivated in terms of assembling, converting, painting, basing my large collection of back-logged models. I wanted it to serve almost as a journal for my hobby, helping me keep track of the various techniques I tried, how successful those techniques were, and, most importantly, providing me with a visual representation of my growing finished collection.

Now, at this point in the blog's life, I'd like to start contributing to the tutorial aspect of this on-line community. For me, that's one of the best parts of this hobby. About 7 months ago, when I really began this hobby in earnest, I would've ended up with destroyed models, horribly disfigured fingers, glued skin, and miniatures with paint caked on 3" thick had it not been for the ready availability of some incredible on-line tutorials (both blogs* and videos**) to guide me through the rough early patches. So, I'd like to add to the collective wisdom by adding some hopefully useful and informative tutorials to this particular blog as well.

Which brings me to the point of this post - I'd like to open up a poll to the handful of people who stop by occasionally to my humble corner of the hobby. This poll will list 5 miniatures, and the miniature which receives the most votes after, say, a week will be the miniature I devote a series of tutorials to from assembly to maybe some minor conversions to painting to basing to photographing.

Which Miniature Should I Do A Series of Tutorials On?

Thanks in advance for voting!

Edit: Oh, I totally forgot to conclude this post by explaining what those astericks (* and **) referred to in my initial post. I wanted to name-check and give shout-outs to a few blogs and YouTube videos that I found very inspiring and informative as a beginning hobbyist over 7 months ago, so here goes:

* Blogs: From the Warp, 42nd Cadian, Santa Cruz Warhammer, Necrotales, the Painting Corps, Jakob Rune Nielsen, Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic, and Jenova Project (among others, obviously)

** YouTubers: Shiznaft1, Redxgamer, Jawaballs, AGProductions, and Way of Saim-Hann (a.k.a. Fritz40k)

Okay, thanks for voting, everyone. Please feel free (for those of you who haven't voted yet) to keep voting until next Tuesday.


Mitch said...

Do Eldar Guardians, since no one has love for them any more!


Alvin Khaw said...

I voted for the Eldar Guardians, I would be looking forward to it...

I've seen people make Farseers and Exarchs out of it, and they do look cool...

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