Wednesday, July 15, 2009

32 - Cool Highlighting Technique for Vehicles

I found this video while searching YouTube for tutorials on putting together Rhinos, Vindicators, and Land Raiders (oh, my!). In a nutshell, the guy (who goes by the handle AwesomePaintjob) in the video suggests using colored pencils for hard lining the edges of vehicles as an alternative to using paint brushes. The result seems pretty good and as the guy says in the video (paraphrasing): "While some of us may be unused to doing detail work with a paint brush, we've all used pencils before."

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Tristan said...

Very cool, I like it because it breaks the "how it's supposed to be done" rule. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, will experiment. I been using 2B pencils to create a metallic outline on painted metal finishing. The pencil graphic creates a shining finish... Cheers!

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