Thursday, April 9, 2009

1 - Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops

My first attempt at basing miniatures on something more than the default plastic black bases. I think the bases turned out well. All of the materials used were purchased at Michael's in large quantities and at very reasonable prices - much cheaper than I would've had to pay if I had bought scenic material specifically geared towards miniature models. The painting on the figures is also of the highest quality I've been able to muster in the 3 months since I took up this hobby. The paint I'm using is craft store paint - I don't believe my painting skills are at a strong enough level to invest in expensive miniature modeling paint just yet. I did use Games Workshop Citadel washes to shade the figures. I'm slowly getting the hang of using inks and washes to provide shading and depth, but I'm still a rank amateur in regards to highlighting and blending.

The three plastic figures are rank and file Cadian Shock Troops from the soon to be out of production Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troop box set. You can view a gallery of the figures here.


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