Thursday, April 23, 2009

7 - Imperial Guard Veterans Squad

Well, I finally converted one of the Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops from the first post into a Hardened Veteran. I glued four bits I purchased from eBay to the Shock Troop - 1) a shoulder pad from a Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf sprue onto the Veteran's right shoulder, 2) a belt pouch from a Space Marine sprue onto his left shoulder, 3) a holstered, archaic flintlock rifle from the Warhammer Fantasy Pistolier sprue onto his back, and 4) a ribbon from the Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnian Knight sprue onto the holstered rifle.

According to the Warhammer 40k fluff, Hardened Veterans are allowed to keep equipment they scavenge from the battlefield which is why I've chosen to convert my Hardened Vets with bits and pieces from all over the place. This was just my first attempt, so I really didn't do all that much to change his initial look, but my plans for future Hardened Vets are much more ambitious. Visually, I'm trying to capture in these ten troopers a cynical yet loyal (at least to each other) attitude.

As usual, click here for more pics.


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