Thursday, April 9, 2009

4 - Sigmarite Warrior Priest w/ Two-Handed Hammer

My second attempt at a larger scale scenic base. I must have painted and stripped this model four or five times before this current paint job. In actuality, this model was one of the first miniature models I ever purchased almost a year ago. And, again, while the paint job isn't anywhere near a respectable level, I believe it represents the high point of my current painting skills. I think part of the problem is that I'm still using craft paints (being too cheap and unsure of my skills to invest in expensive model paint). Since I've only been seriously painting for two to three months, I'll allow myself to develop for another three months or so before thinking about forking over the dough for the model paints. A gallery of the figure can be found here.

The large brown rock comes from a cork board while the spindly tree was once a bristle from a toy witch broom my wife purchased to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter book with her friends.

My next miniature project will be to re-paint and properly base one of two Reaper Miniatures: either Juron, Mystic Knight, or Ridley Darkedge, male thief.


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