Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 - Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops w/ Veteran Sergeant

A new addition to my slowly developing Cadian Infantry Squad - a veteran sergeant with laspistol and chain sword! Again, the basing materials used for the sergeant's base were all purchased cheaply and in large quantities from Michael's. I tried to paint black hazard stripes on the sergeant's chainsword, but it turned out terribly, so I primed it over and just kept it yellow. Maybe at a later date, I'll try to paint those black hazard stripes back on. A gallery of the figures can be found here.

Six more Cadian Shock Troops to go before First Squad is complete! Out of the remaining six, one will be a special weapons trooper (either a flamer or a grenade launcher) and another one will be equipped with a vox-caster.


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