Monday, August 3, 2009

45 - In The Meantime...A Painting FAQ

Well, it looks like that Sternguard tutorial kind of took a lot out of me. I've been painting still, but a bit more slowly than a week ago. I do have 2 miniatures (the Kroot Auxiliary and the Skaven Plague Monk) almost ready to be photographed and posted about, but for now, they're both probably still a couple of days away. So, in the meantime, I'll provide a link to a Painting FAQ that I found very helpful when I first started with this hobby. It was compiled way back in 1995 (is it possible that 1995 was almost 15 years ago?) by Brenda Klein from apparently months of discussions on the usenet forum, so some of the tips, tricks, and advice might be outdated, but in my opinion it's still very worthwhile as an introductory source for new and intermediate painters. When I first started painting miniatures, I honestly had no idea what was meant by terms like "washes" or "drybrushing" (let alone how to do them!), and more often than not, most tutorials tended to assume that a person would be familiar with them, and as a result would give only the most cursory of definitions about those techniques. Thus simple, straightforward FAQs like the one Ms. Klein compiled were invaluable in helping me understand the foundations of this hobby at a time when annoying obstacles and frustrations might've made me abandon it.


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