Friday, August 21, 2009

56 - TOEMP Challenge #2 WIP (Blood Ravens Terminators)

Since we received our details for the second challenge 3 days ago, I've progressed rather nicely on my Terminator Squad. The pic on the left shows 2 Terminators from the 5 man squad practically nearing completion. The Termie on the far left is more advanced than the Termie on the right, but both are almost done. A few more basecoats, washes, highlights, and then fancying up the bases a bit are all that's left, really. I have to say, the Terminators have been a bit monotonous. I dunno. Their poses aren't all that different, their battlegear are almost identical, etc. etc. Even standard Space Marines have more customizability. Of course, these are the Termies from the Black Reach set, so lack of customization should be expected. And, yes, I could've performed a few conversions on them myself (such as cut a Termie or two in half and pose their torsos in a different direction), but I was being lazy. I do want to try freehanding the Blood Ravens Chapter logo onto their left shoulder pads and some heraldry onto the small shields near their right shoulders, so that will hopefully boost up the interest level a bit. Or boost up the frustration level considering how abominable my last attempt at freehanding (the banner on the Sternguard conversion) turned out.

The pic to the right presents the 3 remaining Terminators I have left to paint - 2 standard shooty Termies with the Terminator Sergeant in the center. The Terminator Sergeant looks fun, if a bit intimidating. I think I'll either do him next (just to break up the monotony) or save him for last. I'm afraid that if I save him for last, I'll end up rushing to make the deadline, but the advantages of doing him last is that I'll be able to commit all of my painting mistakes on the standard Termies and thus apply the hard-earned wisdom on doing the best job on the Sergeant.

So, 6 days left to essentially paint 3 Terminators. No sweat!


Grégory Privat said...

if you have the tools (manual driller like the GW's one : DONT use a dremel), in 10 minutes, all your stormbolters will have holes. It s really easy. If you never did it, try in a piece of sprue first.

Paul Wu said...

@ Gregory:

Actually, AFTER I painted up those two terminators, your advice from earlier about my Ork Boyz rang in my ears: "Doh! I forgot to drill holes in their weapons!"

At this point, I don't think I'll mess with the two Termies I've already assembled and painted, but I will definitely drill holes in the storm bolters of the 3 remaining Termies. (I have a manual drill.)

Thanks for the reminder!

Col. Corbane said...

Excellent work mate, I haven't even started painting yet. :-0

Grégory Privat said...

Mess with them ! after you made the 3 others and then add a bit of chainmail and badab black and they ll looks perfect.

AoM said...

Definitely go back and drill the 2 painted termies if you're going to do the others. It will look so much better. Just drill 'em out, then paint the inside of the holes black. shouldn't do much to your paint jobs that are already in progress, and it will add a bunch.

Good luck with your freehand. One of the best tips is to break it up into a geometric shape, and then "erase" the black with the shoulder pad color. For Blood Ravens, a black triangle with the feathers "erased" should be easier than painting the crisp lines in yourself. That, or get a .005 Micron pen at an art store (sometimes you can find them at Office Depot/Staples) and just draw them on yourself. They're great for writing on purity seals as well, but I recommend a brown for seals, rather than the black.

The black is great for lining between armor plates and where different colors meet each other, too. That really makes models pop.

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