Wednesday, August 5, 2009

47 - Blood Ravens 2,500 Points Army List

Still working on the Kroot Carnivore and the Skaven Plague Monk. I'm pretty much just highlighting them and putting the finishing touches here and there, then they'll be ready to be photographed. ETA a day or so.'s another army list! Again, I'm mostly doing this for housecleaning reasons - I tidied up the sidebar by removing the full army lists and instead replacing them with a linked Army Lists Archive. But the only way (as far as I know) to create a link is to actually publish a post on the blog. I realize I could've backdated the posts, but since my blog's been a little quiet while in the aftermath of the Sternguard tutorial, I figure might as well pick up the slack with some hobby related posts.

So, without further ado...

Blood Ravens Army List - 2500 points

Work In Progress
On Sprue
Not Owned

HQ - 445 pts.
- power sword, boltgun
- Razorback

Command Squad
- apothecary, company standard, champion, meltagun, plasma gun

Librarian (attached to Terminator Squad)
- terminator armor, stormbolter, Null Zone, the Avenger

Troops - 565 pts.
Tactical Squad (10)
- meltagun, multi-melta, sergeant w/ power fist
- Rhino

Tactical Squad (10)
- missile launcher, lascannon, sergeant w/ power weapon
- Rhino

Scout Squad (5)
- 4 sniper rifles, heavy bolter, camo cloaks

Elites - 595 pts.
Terminator Squad (5)
- assault cannon
- Drop Pod

Sternguard Veteran Squad (5)
- heavy bolter, plasma cannon, sergeant w/ power fist

- heavy flamer, extra armor
- Drop Pod

Fast Attack - 450 pts.
Assault Squad (10)
- 2 flamers, sergeant w/ combat shield & lightning claw

Land Speeder Squadron (2)

Space Marine Bike Squad (3)
- sergeant w/ power weapon
- biker w/ meltagun
- biker w/ flamer

Heavy Support - 445 pts.
Land Raider
- multi-melta


- siege shield

To get to 2000 pts., minus:
- Predator
- Sternguard
- Drop Pods
- Land Speeders
- Scouts
- Flamer from Space Marine Bikers

Again, all comments, criticisms, advice, etc. are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I really like the Blood Ravens color scheme and I'm looking forward to some WIP posts.

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