Thursday, August 6, 2009

48 - Skaven Plague Monk

Finally! A post about a finished miniature! This is part 3 of my also-rans series (i.e., the models which finished far behind in the tutorial poll to the Blood Ravens Sternguard) - a Skaven Plague Monk. A pleasure to paint, really, but a bit limited in terms of possibilities for creativity or for experimenting with different techniques. Pretty much a straight forward paint job - although at this point, I'm incorporating highlights much more into my regular painting regimen.

Zero conversions on this little guy - all of his parts are 100% from the Plague Monks sprue. I did drop him on the floor about 3/4s of the way through painting him (much cursing and frothing at the mouth ensued) which required me to glue his flail (or is that a plague censer?) back together about 1/4th of the way up the chain - note the mishapen section of plastic there. Good thing he's a Skaven Plague Monk. I can just explain that the unsightly bit is the result of the filth and rot that Plague Monks revel in, etc. etc.

For his robe, I used Hippo Gray (which is a very dark gray - the first couple of layers barely stood out from the Black undercoat), washed it with Badab Black, brought it back up with more Hippo Gray, then highlighted it with Bridge Gray along the edges and upraised parts. The hood and mantle were done in Burnt Umber, washed with Badab Black, brought back up with Burnt Umber, then highlighted along the edges with Autumn Brown. His skin (face and hands) were done in Skintone then given a controlled wash with Devlan Mud. I wanted to achieve an animalistic color to the skin so I didn't bother to bring the stained basecolor back up with more Skintone. Finally, his weapons were basecoated with Bridge Gray, then given a very thin glaze (I believe that's the term - I watered down the acrylic paint to the point of wash consistency) or two of Red Iron Oxide in order to give it that rusted appearance. I finished it by washing it with Badab Black and highlighting it slightly with Bridge Gray.

For more pics of the little guy, click here.


Mike Howell said...

Very nice, and thanks for posting your techniques. I collect Skaven and Blood Ravens as well... go figure. My own ratty horde has been much neglected, but soon we will have a new codex!

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