Thursday, August 20, 2009

55 - Snakebite Clan Orks 2,505 Points Army List

My submission for the TOEMP Challenge #2 is coming along nicely. I've decided to paint up a 5 man squad of Blood Ravens Terminators (the shooty kind that came in the Black Reach set). I would've liked to continue building on my Ork army, but it turns out I don't have any Ork Elite or Heavy choices in my current collection! (I've decided to use the 5 Nobz - at least 2 of them - which came with the Black Reach set as leaders for my Ork Boyz mobs, plus 5 Nobz doesn't quite reach the 125 pts. minimum for challenge #2.) Since I've also committed myself to building up a Blood Ravens army, painting up the Terminators works just as well. As an aside - the intended purpose of the TOEMP to get the participating bloggers up and working on their backlogs has been a splendid success, at least for me. I don't think I've ever painted this many models in such a short time before. Before I know it, I'll be able to buy new models again! (Don't think I've forgotten about my committment to the Painting Points system either!)

Since posting will be a bit sporadic due to my focusing on meeting the deadline for Challenge #2 (August 27), I'm going to put up a few army lists over the next week or so just to keep the blog active. So, without further ado, in honor of the 8 Orks I painted up for Challenge #1, here's my Ork army list.

Snakebite Clan Army List - 2,505 Points

Work In Progress
On Sprue
Not Owned

HQ - 200 pts.
Warboss attached to Nobz (Elite choice) mounted in a Battlewagon
- power klaw, shoota/ skorcha, boss pole, 'eavy armor

Big Mek
- kustom force field, cybork body, boss pole

Elites - 745 pts.
Nobz (10)
- stikk bombz, 4 big choppas, power klaw, 'eavy armor, Waaagh! banner, Painboy

Lootas (10)

Kommandos (10)
- 2 burnas, Boss Snikrot

Troops - 990 pts.
Ork Boyz (20) x 3
- big shoota, rokkit launcha, Nob w/ big choppa, 'eavy armor, bosspole

Nobz (10)
- stikkbombz, 4 big choppas, power klaw, 'eavy armor, Waaagh! banner, Painboy
- Trukk w/ red paint job, reinforced ram

Deff Dread
- close combat weapon, kustom mega-blasta, armor plates

Fast Attack - 365 pts.
Warbikers (3) x 2
- Nob w/ power klaw, boss pole

Deff Koptas (3)
- 3 twin-linked rokkit launchas

Heavy Support - 200 pts.
- killkannon, 'ard case, grot riggers, armor plates, wreckin'ball, 2 big shootas

To get to 2,000 pts., minus:
- Deff Koptas
- Deff Dread
- 1 Warbikers Mob
- 5 Kommandos
- wreckin' ball, grot riggers from Battlewagon


HuronBH said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure you have enough boyz in that 2.5K list, especially being a snake bite player.

I am not an Ork Player though I will be come September. Besides TOEMP I am also participating in the Painted Dragons next 1500pt army painting challenge painting Orks. While not an expert I have been told what you want to do is start with 100 Boyz and then add on from there. Personally that breaks down to 2 units of 30 Slugga/Choppa Boyz, 20 Shoota Boyz, 10 'ard Boyz in a Truck, and 10 Lootaz for me at 1500pts

While I am not trying to tell you how to build your army, ask around some. Ork armies, even non-Horde themed ones need to have lots of Boyz to fill the ranks to guarantee you get to the enemy.

Just my 2p.

Paul Wu said...

@ HuronBH:

Hmm, thanks for the input. 100 Ork Boyz? That's very tempting as well as incredibly intimidating. But I can just see in my mind's eye a game table swamped with 100 Ork Boy models. Let me go back to the Codex and try it with your method - start off with 100 Ork Boyz and then add on from there. Since I really enjoy drawing up random army lists anyway, this'll be a blast, I think!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, the Orks are very intriguing. I think the only thing stopping me from collecting them is the number of models. I can't handle it! any more than 5 at a time and I might aswell burn the plastic down and recycle it!

HuronBH said...

@Unforgivenangels - To be honest I am the same way. What I try to do is a mass Priming, Spray base coat if the model is going to be primarily X color, then do the rest of the base coating, and then do a wash to bring the colors tone-ally together and add depth. Then I do the highlights, details, etc 3 to 5 models at a time.

So for the Howling Griffons I am painting now I do the Quartered red/yellow on the whole squad. Then I go in and do the detail 3-4 or some models at a time since I am painting 10 man squad. When I start doing Orks in September you will see this technique really at its peak as I apply it to a 30 boy mob.

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