Saturday, August 15, 2009

53 - 4 Ork Boyz Done! 4 More to Go! 2 Days Left! (TOEMP Update)

Just a quick update on the status of my TOEMP challenge #1. The 4 Ork Boyz I posted about yesterday have officially been completed - shaded with washes, highlighted (although not as much as I've recently been doing, solely due to time constraints), and based.

I believe I will take Kuffeh's suggestion in my previous TOEMP Update post and try to extend the choppa on my Black Reach Nob. With that minor conversion, I'll be able to reach the 75+ point threshhold for challenge #1 while shaving 2 models off my to-paint requirement. Now, this little strategery honestly has nothing to do with trying to "win" the challenge or anything quite so unseemly. The Ork army lists I've drawn up have always had the Nobs who lead my Ork Boyz mobs wielding big choppas - due to being a noob, however, I had assumed the Black Reach Nob models were already equipped with big choppas because their close combat weapons looked different (more elaborate) than your typical Ork Boy choppa, but after reading the Ork Codex more closely and searching the web a bit, it turns out big choppas are universally two-handed weapons.

Of course, at this point in the challenge - with 2 days left on the clock - I'm not going to complain too loudly about not having to paint an extra 2 Ork Boyz models hehe.

So, I've got the Nob, the Big Shoota Boy, and 2 remaining rank and file Ork Boyz left. They are primed and I will attempt to put down some basecoats tonight (at the very least, get the skin done). I'm wondering - is there a deadline on Monday for TOEMP submissions, 73rd (of Unforgiven Angels)?


Anonymous said...

Hey mate, great progress! The deadline for this first challenge is tomorrow - Monday 17th. Being a warm up challenge it's a bit of a loose deadline, but for those who manage to get it done there are extra painting points. I'm struggling myself! 10 shoulder pads left and the bases then I should be able to have everything posted by this evening or tomorrow!

Paul Wu said...

@ unforgivenangels:

I take it that means anytime tomorrow? I'm probably going to need most of today and tomorrow to try to finish up this challenge, so I'm guessing I won't have any pics to post until late at night Monday.

BTW, thanks for hosting this challenge. You're doing a great job!

Grégory Privat said...

Keep fighting, you can do it ! and if you re reading this, it s either that you're done or that you should leave the computer and come back to the painting table !

Paul Wu said...

@ Gregory Privat:

lol, I just did read your comment, and have been effectively shamed into going back to my painting table. Basecoats done on the Nob and one Ork Boy. 1 more Ork Boy and the Big Shoota to go before washing, highlighting, and basing.

Good luck to you too, Gregory! Let's do this!

Kuffeh said...

I would always suggest Power Claws for nobz, his three S9 attacks (S8+1 for furious charge) make it very good at cracking armour. A big choppa is a decent stand in still.

The orks are looking good. Good luck with your challenge.

Paul Wu said...

@ Kuffeh:

Thanks for the tip. Power klaws sound great and actually, in my army list, I have a Nobz mob that has a couple of power klaws mixed in with big choppas.

I've yet to play a game of WH40k so most of my army lists are based purely on what I've read (from codices, battle reports, and sites like BoLS, B&C, etc.) as well as what I would like to paint and what available models I currently have.

One day, one day I'll get into a game...

Elazar The Glorified said...

They look great. Did you manage to get the rest finished?

Paul Wu said...

@ Elazar:

Yes, I did, but I missed the deadline by about a day.

I notice you've almost finished with your hellcannon! What you have up on your page looks pretty awesome, man. I'll post a comment over there shortly.

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