Monday, August 10, 2009

51 - Unforgiven Angels "Tale of Even More Painters"

I've decided to participate in Unforgiven Angels "Tale of Even More Painters" (TOEMP) painting challenge. In a nutshell, it's a group of bloggers coming together to support and motivate each other to accomplish various painting goals within established deadlines. The deadlines are about 10 days apart (with the first one coming on August 17), and the challenges, I expect, will get progressively more difficult as things go along. While there are nominally "prizes" (e.g. digital trophies to be displayed on your blog for best all-around job done for a given challenge), I'm mostly interested in participating in TOEMP as a motivational tool. I've got quite a hefty backlog of miniatures sitting forlornly on their sprues, and I've promised myself, my wife, and my wallet that I'd forge my way through that backlog before purchasing any more miniatures. So, for all of you out there who have blogs and are looking for a motivational way to help you work through Miniature Backlog Syndrome, then I heartily suggest you join us in TOEMP! Together, we will conquer this mountain of textured and shaped plastic!

Now, let me give you a quick peek at what Challenge #1 entails for TOEMP:

Due August 17th, the bloggers committed to TOEMP must paint up at least 75 points worth of Warhammer 40k or Warhammer FB miniatures. (Epic 40k miniature painters must paint up at least 150 points worth.) The points are determined by the point cost of the models in their respective army books (i.e., not based on painting points). Thus, I've decided to make a dent in the Ork army I've been planning by painting up 85 points worth of Ork Boyz. In the most general language possible, this means 9 rank and file Ork Boyz with 1 big shoota between them and 1 Nob with 'eavy armor and a bosspole. (Hopefully that's vague enough to not get me into trouble.) For a more in-depth look at the rules and guidelines for Unforgiven Angels' TOEMP challenge, just click the link all the way at the beginning of this post and follow the instructions on that page.

Wish me luck! I've got 8 days to paint up 10 models - a faster pace than I've ever managed. I obviously still want to maintain some level of quality but I really do want to try my best at meeting this deadline. I already have 4 Ork Boyz lined up at my workstation, and tonight, I will start basecoating their skin and maybe more.


Shrink to Fit said...

Best of luck!

Admiral Drax said...

Welcome aboard. Against the odds, my first batch are progressing nicely: the fastest I've ever painted infantry, in fact.

That said, my brother's arriving today to visit for a few days with his girlfriend. Chances of Drax getting much painting in?

- Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Great stuff mate, I really like your painting style so I can't wait to see them there Orksies!

Paul Wu said...

@ Shrink to Fit:

Thanks, I'm going to need it!

@ Admiral Drax:

Good luck, man! Yeah, I also picked the busiest week of the summer, work-wise, to take up this challenge, but I will give it my best attempt. I finished basecoating the skins of the 4 Ork Boyz models last night. Hopefully, tonight I'll manage to basecoat their clothing and other details.

There's something almost zen-like to assembly line painting...

evanfardreamer said...

I've always had fun watching Orks on the battlefield, should be just as much fun watching them get painted. Luck to you!

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