Tuesday, August 18, 2009

54 - TOEMP Challenge #1 Completed!

Well, I really tried to get this challenge in under the deadline. I had the final 4 Ork models fully basecoated and sitting on my painting table, waiting for me to get home from work. All I had left to do was shading, highlighting, and basing. After dinner and spending some time watching the teevee with the missus, I headed on over to my painting table and got started on finishing the first TOEMP challenge. I thought I'd be able to get these last 3 stages done on each of the remaining 4 models that night because in my experience, the basecoating was the most time/ labor intensive part of the whole process. The shading, highlighting, basing stages were more just polishing up techniques. What I totally forgot to factor in was the time I had to spend waiting for the ink wash or the glue to dry! Because of that, I missed the first deadline by 1 day. I had all of the models washed and based last night, but finished up the highlighting and the photography this morning.

So, here they are - 8 Snakebite Clan Orkz in about 4 days time (for a total of roughly 8-10 hours of actual painting). We have a Nob with a big choppa and 'eavy armor (I didn't have time to put the bosspole on his back), a Big Shoota Boy, and 6 rank and file Boyz all armed with sluggas and choppas. The stage I really skimped on doing was the highlighting stage. At most, I gave each Ork a drybrush across the upraised textures of their skin with Christmas Green lightened with a mix of White. Had I not been under the pressure of a deadline, I probably would have taken the time to highlight more bits and bobs (like their weapons and pants and buckles). Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with them. Putting the last touches on the 4 Orks this morning felt really good. Taking photos of the 8 of them together felt even better. I now officially have a 10 Ork mob at my disposal (counting the first 2 Ork Boyz I painted months ago)!

The challenge was really fun, despite coming during my busiest work week in the summer. By Monday, I had just finished 10 straight days of teaching summer entrance test preparation workshops at a local community college. Still, the painting challenge allowed me to unwind every night in between grading practice tests. So, bring on the next challenge! Keep me motivated!

BTW, this is just a quick post to get my results up. I'll edit this post with a link to my Picasa gallery later in the day after I snap more individual pictures of the Orks.

EDIT: Here's the link to the Ork gallery with more pictures of the Ork Boyz from the TOEMP Challenge #1.


Admiral Drax said...

Wow - they look great, mate!

Grégory Privat said...

It s great that you finished. Count your points (with the -3 malus) as this is already something ! Now to my "usual comments" :

What I like the most : the overal contrast between dark green and bright yellow and between green and red.

What I like the less : the guns with no holes.

Paul Wu said...

@ Drax:

Thanks, congratulations to you for getting your challenge done 3 days before the deadline!

@ Gregory:

Thanks for the insights and the kind words. Please feel free to point out flaws in any models I paint, and give any advice/ tips on how to fix them. Getting better w/ every model is really one of the main reasons I enjoy this hobby.

Anonymous said...

They look amazing mate! I like the skin colour most, and the veins look so realistic!

Ve prepared for the next challenge my friend!

Anonymous said...

use a hair dryer next time to speed the process along - you can get budget ones for a few pounds.

jabberjabber said...

Brilliant job mate! I really like the bases as well -- the clothing is well matched to the earthy tones!

D'nyarak said...

The orks look great! All the earth tones worked out well. I would agree with Gregory, if you don't have a drill to fix the guns, then paint a black circle where it should be.

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